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It is time to give a rousing cheer for garage door repair The Woodlands TX as most of us take for granted the operational aspect of the automatic garage door. It is really nice and convenient to be able to pull up to your garage in the middle of a thunderstorm and simply push a button to open the door. Then you can unload the car full of groceries inside a dry environment instead of the alternative.


Automatic garage doors don’t become inoperative very often, but when they do the inconvenience is intolerable, to say the least. Add to the fact that if a garage door jumps its track, there can also be significant damage to the door and parts of the garage itself.


There are several moving parts to an automatic garage door, and any of them can default in function, causing the door to work ineffectively or simply stop working.


For example the door is made in sections, and the sections are held together by hinges, bolted to the doors. If the hinges come loose one side of the door can move faster or slower than the other side, and before you know it the door hangs up or jumps completely off of the tracks that keep it straight as it travels up and down.


The homeowner himself can avert this problem by simply checking the hinges periodically and tightening down any of the nuts that are loose. It is not hard, and the loosened nuts are easy to spot, plus it could save a door from becoming damaged.


The garage door opener itself can cease to function by simply wearing out, or the electrical cord can become faulty. The tracks on each side of of the door can have the same problem, as they are attached by screws or bolts to the garage wall.


Garage Door Repair The Woodlands TX

There are springs located at the rear of the garage up near the ceiling which provide tension so that the door opener does not have to work so hard in moving the heavy door up and down the tracks. The tension on the springs helps the movement of the door by expanding on the downward movement of the door, and contracting on the upward movement of the door.


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When these springs become worn, they don’t pick up their share of the load, and the door can move in a sluggish manner, or the springs can stop working altogether. Sometimes the springs break from the tension making the door altogether unable to operate.



It is a good idea to make a good relationship with a qualified garage door repair company and have them come by every year or so just to check things over. If there are minor tweaks that need more attention these can be attended to, and perhaps this type of attention will prevent more serious mishaps to the door later on.


In any event, if a relationship is established with a garage door repair The Woodlands TX facility, there will be competent personnel available for repair or replacement of garage door.